Everyday Moments – Pumpkins and Piggies

Welcome to Everyday moments. It’s a celebration of the everyday, ordinary activities in our life, that we take for granted, or surprise us in a good way!

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This half term week we have had a couple of family days out that were busy and tiring (and costly!).

So we spent Thursday on our “pen”, our very own bit of land, our dream of someday being self sufficient, and a fantastic place for our kids to help with the chickens, turkeys and pigs.

We had 3 pumpkins left over from Halloween which the children wanted to give to the pigs. The pigs loved the pumpkin and the kids took turns to throw chunks in over the door and loved the squeals of excitement coming from the pigs!

Dolly has three chickens of her own and wanted to give some small pieces to them. The only thing I could find to cut them was Grandad’s big saw, so she found this absolutely hilarious and grassed me up to daddy when he got home from work later!

We shared out the rest with the other chickens and our 6 turkeys. We couldn’t believe how quickly they devoured the pumpkin pieces. They went down unexpectedly fast!

It was one of those Autumnal sunny, chilly days and so muddy and squidgy. The funniest moment was when ‘Little L’s wellies got stuck and came off in the mud, and he was left squelching around in his socks! He didn’t find it as funny as us though!

I love having this space for the children. They can let off steam, explore, get dirty, and learn lots about life and the world. Today they played mostly on the trampoline. Our pen is on top of a steep hill overlooking the surrounding towns, so they must think they are bouncing on top of the world. The 3 girls got together and played ‘horses’, galloping around on their imaginary ponies, and I had to chuckle at their American accents they’ve picked up from their numerous Barbie dvds. Little L loaded his trucks with stones and grass and got muddy little hands and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can watch them play all day long.


Dolly, Rainbow and I watched one of our little Silky hens struggling to be brave and tuck into some pumpkin the bigger chickens were hogging. The girls were cheering her on, encouraging her closer and to be braver, and they were really proud of her when the big chickens left and the Silky had the pumpkin to herself.


Now there’s a lesson about pecking orders! ha!

After a good hour and a half it was nice to go home and warm up with a big cup of hot chocolate.


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home for some hot choccy






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