Everyday Moments – Toddler Group

With the older children back at school this week after a really nice half term, it’s just Little L and me left at home.

I was expecting Little L to be clingy this week, as he had everyone to play with during the break, but he hasn’t been too bad actually. I have been able to get the cleaning upstairs done while he plays in the living room, even if I do creep about so he doesn’t notice!

Wednesday morning is toddler group morning. I’ve managed to find a really nice local group, it’s quite small and held in a church hall.

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The garage is a big favourite, so one might be on his Xmas list this year.

When Woody was little I tried a few other groups, some where really “clicky” and uncomfortable, but this group is really lovely. Everyone is friendly and open to a chat, and adults can have as many brews as we like aswell as some toast, which for £1 each, you can’t complain. Well I could because I’m doing the Slimming World diet, so I can’t have the toast and it always smells bloody good!

Little L loves going, although like me, he is a bit shy at first. At the minute we don’t go every week, but while we were there this morning, I was thinking we should make it more of a regular thing then he might gain a bit of confidence. He wouldn’t let me drink my brew in peace and I had to sneak off to refill my cup.

He headed straight for the cars and garage first, as he always does. Actually these groups are a really good place for gathering some Xmas ideas. I make mental notes about the toys he likes best. A garage will be on his list this year for sure.

Some more of his favourites are the things that are on the tables. Maybe he likes sitting on the chairs. Perhaps he feels grown up. He wont go around the room on his own I just hear “mam, mam” and I end up following him around. Those kids chairs are so small and hard to sit on!

WP_20171108_10_10_05_Pro (2)

For the first time today Little L decided to have a look in the toy kitchen area. He doesn’t usually appear to even notice the kitchen usually, but he had a great time in there, opening and closing the doors and giving me some dinner. He wasn’t keen when another toddler came in and wanted to play, so he went off to have a drive in one of the cars in the sectioned off area for big toys.


WP_20171108_10_15_35_Pro (2)
Beep Beep, here I come.

About an hour of full on playtime and brew drinking later (I’ve had three, and I know it’s too many, I’m going to be needing the toilet soon), it is time to tidy up and the kids have snack. They have some chopped up grapes, toast and a drink. Now its time to keep an eye on my Little L’s grabbing hands. He loves the grapes, which are placed in the middle of the tiny table. I have to be on constant guard incase he tries to put his hand in the bowl and steal all the grapes , because then there wont be any left for the other kids and we will probably get tutted at by the other grown ups standing around. They might avoid us next time we come and we’d end up sitting at our own table with restricted grapes! He tried to fool me a few times, shoving them all in at once to pretend I hadn’t given him any, but we got through it without any glares or tuts, so I’d say that’s a win to me!

Then it’s over to the carpet area for a quick sing song before home time. Little L just likes to hear his favourite two ( Wind the bobbin up, and Wheels on the bus) and then his attention has gone and he wants to join the other toddlers running around, who have left their mums singing on the carpet.

Well after all that it’s home time, and I hope to God the morning has tired him out enough for a big sleep, so I can get some jobs done. But it hasn’t and over two hours later he is still awake and trying to press the laptop keys as I write this blog! Ah well, just another everyday moment in my crazy life.

Do you attend toddler groups? Have you too found a nice one or have you experienced the “Clicky” ones?




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