My Top 5 Grumbles

Today I am sharing with you 5 things I hate. They only popped into my head over the last few days, so don’t think these are my only hates – far from it.

I decided just to share five for now, as I don’t want to be moaning and groaning for too long. Just need to share these with you and do some venting!


Ooh this stuff totally stresses me out. I don’t usually buy it – I make sure I get tin foil instead. But there is always some in the cupboard just in case the tin foil runs out, just like it did the other morning when I was making the packed lunches for school.                   It has to be THE most annoying stuff ever made! I keep the box at first with the cutting edge, but I can never get it right and it either doesn’t cut anyway, or my finger goes through the middle as I’m trying to pull it over the sharp bit. So I get annoyed and throw the box away. Now for the entire life of this roll of clingfilm, it has no box and I get more stressed trying to tear off a straight bit, or it tears too small for the sandwich. It gets stuck to itself, and I am left trying to peel it apart , but it only gets worse, and I end up growling and rolling it in a ball and throwing it away to try again! It must add ten minutes onto my butty making in the morning, where I should be checking that Woody has brushed his teeth, and not just sneakily wet his brush under the tap. I’m sure they should run courses on The Effective and Stressless Usage of Clingfilm.

2.   Homework in the Hols

I do find this quite annoying. I know its probably a bit controversial but I’m hoping there are parents out there who agree with me. We do our homework, reading most days and spellings during term time, and I do insist that we have time each night to do this. I’d hate them to be the only ones who didn’t do their homework, they would feel so awkward and perhaps get in trouble. But when it comes to school hols, then no. I hate them bringing homework to do -while they are in primary school anyway. It will be a different story at high school, and I will be encouraging them to manage their time and plan their own homework time. But it is a bit ridiculous when my five year old, only in year one, brings home three reading books, a list of spelling and maths on the computer. He’s not the only one, they all had numerous books and spellings, sheets to complete, and Dolly even had to make a model of something from the Plague! Now don’t get me wrong, maybe a bit of reading, I don’t mind that. But holiday time is exactly that in our house, and we spend the days doing other activities, shopping, playing outdoors and day trips. Who’s to say they aren’t learning enough practically from our holiday time? Come on teachers, they are only little. Let them enjoy being kids!

3.   Cold Brews


This is one all mums can relate to. Why so many of our brews go cold so fast. I’m sure there’s a fairy who waits for us to put the cup down, and then sprinkles snowdrops into our brew for a laugh. I must have at least three or four brews go cold on me a day. What a waste of all those teabags, milk and sweeteners! Its worse when I don’t realise its gone cold and I take a big swig!. Yuk I hate cold tea.

4. What’s a nice hot soak in the tub?

I never get a long hot soak in the tub anymore. I always grab a quick shower. Why is that I hear you ask? Because the minute the water is turned on, there comes a little tap tap at the door, and some one needs the loo! Yesterday I went in for a shower, got undressed, and the tap tap  occurred again. There stood Dolly, “I need the toilet mum”. So I groaned, muttered something about how dad always seems to manage in peace, wrapped myself in a towel and went to wait in my bedroom. Well she was bloody ages, obviously not just a tinkle she was needing, I was freezing! Having said that, we have moved on from the times when they just used to walk in and plonk themselves on the loo regardless, and then ask” are you having a shower mum?”   I pity all of you still at this stage.

5. Afterschool Clutter

WP_20171109_20_38_04_Pro (2).jpg

Finally, this is my last whinge. I hate it when they all come home from school, and dump their stuff. As we are walking up to the house I say the same thing every day (neighbours must think I’m mad). “Hang up your coats, put your shoes in the bench, take your bags upstairs”.  To be fair, on this photo, they have hung up their coats… but as you can see, bags and shoes thrown down on top of my nice bench. I bought this bench because the seat lifts up and all the shoes can be popped inside very easily, its not heavy or complicated. Also I thought its a nice place to sit and put on our shoes. At the moment, while they are all at school, it is clean and tidy, with a nice cushion on and a teddy bear waiting for woody to come home. But at half three it will once again look like the above photo. Maybe worse if coats are added. The worst bit is, obviously I don’t let them leave it like that, but when I tell them to tidy up, guess what they say?  “Dad leaves his stuff there”. And there we have it! The best excuse of all!. And it is true because after all the bench is tidied off, dad does come home and dumps his rucksack, coat and fleece jacket on the bench, just like the kids. I think this is a battle I am never going to win! Will just have to buy more hair dye to cover up the rapidly growing greys.

Thank you for listening to my grumbles, hope you liked them. Have I struck a cord with any of you? What is your number 1 grumble at the minute?


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