Make and Play 1 – PomPoms

We love to sit and make things. I like teaching the kids some of the old school things I used to make when I was little. My children really love being crafty and tend to go through phases of things. For a while it was loom bands. Those pesky little elastic bands that ended up getting all over the house. I vacuumed them up without them knowing, although they do make great little bobbles for my Shih Tzu! We have had a big craze of finger knitting – something the girls picked up from their friends at school. I still can’t figure out quite how they do it, but when I do I will let you know – and knitting with needles. So we have a lot of wool in a box underneath one of the bunk beds. Its very handy that now we are enjoying pompom making, as its using up a bit of that wool.

Ours aren’t perfect, as you can see, but hey ho, its very relaxing making them while we watch telly in the evening.

So here is what you will need:


  1. some wool, any colour you like. (please note this wasn’t enough and I had to get some more, although my pompom was pretty big)
  2. a pair of scissors
  3. two hoops cut out of card. I use an old cereal box for ours. if you cut two out together you get them the same size.

That’s all you need!

So to begin, take the two card hoops and put them together. Cut off quite a long length of wool, and tie the end in a knot around the hoops.

Then begin to wrap the wool around the hoops, working your way around the circle as you go.


Basically that’s all you need to keep doing, creating layer after layer of wool. When your length of wool runs out, just cut a new one and tie it onto the end of the old one. Don’t worry about any ends that stick out, I just wrap them down into the wool as I go along. You can change colours as many times as you like to make a crazy pattern, or keep to the same colour. Its up to you. Mine started off pinky, but I ran out so I changed to light and dark blue balls of wool instead.

Keep going round and round, round and round, until you have a thick covering of wool all around, and you are finding it hard to push the wool through the middle hole.


Then you need to wrap the end of the wool round one last time and make a knot in it.

Now comes the tricky bit..

Using your scissors, cut along the top section of the wool, and try to find the two pieces of card inside. You need to cut all the way around the circle getting in between the two pieces of card, so that you cut every strand. You must try to hold the pompom wool in place as you cut around which can be tricky as you are turning it slowly.


Sorry about the picture quality, I struggled taking the photo whilst I was cutting, but I hope you can see what I mean. Just keep you finger and thumb in the centre, over the hole to try to keep the wool still.

When you have cut all the way round, take another length of wool and tie it around the inside of the two cardboard hoops. Try to pull as tightly as you can without snapping the wool. I tie a couple of tight knots to make it more secure.


Finally, you gently pull off each card hoop, or if it’s a struggle, you can cut them off. If you manage to pull them off you are able to re use them to make more same sized pom poms again, but sometimes its a bit tricky.

Give your pompom a bit of a fluff up, you can trim any longer strands that sick out to neaten it up if you like. If you want to hang your pompom up you can leave the string from the middle knot as it is, otherwise just snip it off.

And there you have it. Your own pom pom.WP_20171116_10_49_06_Pro

As you can see, this one didn’t turn out as neatly as I like, and you can see the pink in the middle where I ran out of that colour!

We are going to make some white little pompoms to hang on the Xmas Tree next month.

These three I have added to Little L’s treasure basket. And I will tell you all about treasure baskets very soon!

Happy pompoms and thankyou for reading!



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