Looking back on November


Well, it has been a full month since I began my blogging adventure,and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. I thought today I would share some of my favourite photos from November, before everything gets a little too crazy Christmassy!
It might be nice to do this at the end of every month, like a little photo memory box.
But I am a very forgetful mama, so we will see what happens!
Here is my November 2017, hope you like!

My first pics are from right at the start of the month. We have been talking about turning an area of our pen into a veg and fruit garden, but we want it to be mainly for the kids! Last year we experimented with some pea pods and planted some rhubarb, and the children went crazy on the peas! They picked them all and loved popping them out of their shell and ate so many. I think as soon as they had turned plump in the pods, they were devoured there and then, straight from picking. This was great as it got the children (especially Woody who “hates that green stuff”) eating veg and enjoying it.
So we made a list of fruit and bought a couple of bushes and trees to start us off.

So here were have two of my girlies planting a tayberry bush and giving it a good water. We also planted blueberries, Pink Lemonade blueberries, cranberries and some honeyberries. The picture on the right is of the lovely view we have from our pen. Its a steep climb but it is worth the effort -its lovely and peaceful at the top. The children are going to have some great memories when they are grown up of all the playing and getting muddy and pets on our pen. hopefully they will be feasting on some superberries next year!

My second set of photos are from when we had a day out at Blackpool Zoo. We hadn’t been to a zoo for a few years, infact Little L hadn’t been at all! And he is crazy about elephants! Woody also has a love of dinosaurs, and the zoo has a great Jurassic display where you can follow the trail and discover all different dinosaurs hiding in the trees. All the kids loved this part if the zoo so much we had to walk around twice during our visit. The rest of that day we spent checking out all the animals. My favourites are definitely the apes, and it was super exciting to see the orang-utan swinging about, and the gorillas eating left over pumpkins. One mummy gorilla had a baby one but she wasn’t up for showing the little one off – I don’t blame her! The children loved the comical penguins, and the sealion show.

At the end of the day we went to watch the lion and tiger feeding. The two big male lions were hungry – they knew what happens when all the humans start gathering around. They were pacing up and down the edge of the cage where we were stood, looing at us all, and I can tell you something – even though there is a strong cage between them and us, its a strange feeling when that lion is eyeballing you! Such amazing creatures but I wouldn’t like to bump into one in the wild!  It was an expensive day out for us all, but we don’t do it very often so it didn’t matter. And the reactions from the children when they saw their favourite animals, or when Woody was dinosaur hunting, made it all worth while. The only down side was that the elephant house had recently been relocated, and the elephant was not on view as she was getting accustomed to her new pad. So Little L didn’t get to see his favourite, but its ok, we will just have to go back again!

My next photos are of Little L when we went to a soft play area we haven’t been to before. On a Friday morning when the older ones were at school I decided we should have a look, as I had it in mind for quite some time. It is such a special place – so lovely. It is only small with separate rooms with lights in, and a small soft play area, aimed at very young children and children with special needs. The staff were so friendly and helpful, and Little L really had a good time. Definitely one to go back to again in the not so distant future!

I crept into the living room on Saturday morning, as I heard the Wii Just Dance game was on. I love to see the kids having a good old bop, but I didn’t expect to see Little L joining in aswell! I stood there for quite a few minutes chuckling and they only stopped to turn around when they heard the click of my phone taking the photo. Cuties!


This photo is included because although it may seem a bit random, my kids do daft stuff. I like coming home from dropping them off at school to find funny little reminders of them, and this is one of those times when they make me laugh cos they are wallies!


And last of all, I am going to include a lovely picture of a cloud I took the other day! The sun was shining so brightly behind the cloud it had the most amazing silver lining, making the saying absolutely true. Also, a couple of hours after this it started snowing, and was such a contrast to the lovely sunshine and blue skies.

WP_20171124_12_36_36_Pro (2)

Thankyou for reading x


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