Mr Jingles – Behave Yours-elf!

Well folks it’s the first of December already! I cant believe it is so near to Christmas and it doesn’t seem long since the last one. The kids have got their advent calendars, and they were super excited to come downstairs this morning to open the door for their first chocolate treat!

Today we had an added surprise because Mr Jingles the Elf has decided he would like to stay with us again! He stayed last year for the first time and he was a bit naughty!

It took me forever to get hold of an elf last year! Everybody seemed to be going crazy for them they were like gold dust! Unfortunately I have seen them for sale in Tesco this year! What’s that all about? How are we supposed to keep the magic alive when they are visible for all to buy on a supermarket shelf?

I know they are a bit like marmite – either you love them or you hate them. I think its a lovely thing to do, to make things that bit more special and exciting in the run up to Xmas. I had a friend on facebook this morning saying how she hates the whole idea because she has enough to do at Xmas, without the added stress of thinking up ideas every morning or night. This bugged me a bit I must admit, as I will do anything to make it exciting, even if I am busy! I know every one is different, I know some people use their Elf as a bribe to make their children behave for a month. I don’t agree with this way of using the Elf. To be honest I don’t need to with my kids, they are pretty good, and if they aren’t I don’t need a toy to get them back in line. Anyway, the little Elf is a bit of good old fashioned fun in our house, that will hopefully put a smile on our faces each morning!

Here are a few of the antics he got up to last year:

The first picture is the first of December, where he brought the advent calendars with him! Throughout his stay, Elf had a bit of a love hate relationship with Woody from Toy Story, and in the second picture they are having a go kart race. Obviously girls are better drivers, so Jessie won! And the last picture shows him pinching some of my birthday chocolates!

Having a picnic with Elsa,Jessie and the Barbie dolls (hopefully purely platonic) and Little L joined in. The middle picture shows him watching The Polar Express – one of our favourites – with bunny, and the third was where he was having a snowball fight with Elsa after building a snowman!

After he got used to being here a week or so he got a bit naughtier, and decided to play darts with Woody as the target! Then he played doctors and nurses with blue ted and baby Ellie, and wrapped them up in bandages. In the end, the toys got their own back, and the tougher toys gave him a night in the cells!

This year I am thinking of having a slightly nicer Elf , who will do some helpful and kind things, with just a bit of mischief thrown in for fun. He didn’t bring the advent calendars this year, so I gave them out last night. Didn’t want to be predictable after all! I found a letter to print  off online. There were loads but they were very long, so I thought this short one would do:


I thought it would be nice if he was just chilling, having his breakfast when the kids came downstairs, so I made him a breakfast of the sprinkles you decorate cakes with, and a drink of syrup!


The two older girls came down first and were very excited when they saw him. I was so proud of how kind they are when, after they had read the letter and tasted his breakfast, they put everything back where they found it so the younger three could find him as they did. Such good kids xx

And so the planning begins! I found this on facebook to help me out with a few ideas, but I will include my own too.

wp_ss_20171126_0001 (2).png

I will write all about Mr Jingles’ stay, and what he gets up to at the end of his visit, so keep your eyes open for that one!

Do you have an elf visiting? If you do feel free to use some of the ideas I have included.

What is your opinion on the elves? Are they a yes or a no in your house?

Thankyou for reading. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy yours-elf! sorry couldn’t resist!


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