A little Handmade Gift

If your family is anything like mine at Xmas, then you will be well aware that EVERYTHING is left to us mothers, from the decorations to school fayres, Xmas jumper days to sorting out nativity tickets, Xmas menus to food shopping, and the gifts for all the family. I have it all to plan and sort it all out in our house. I like it that way though, as I’m in control. If the OH did any of it he would probably forget things or leave the little things out that I think are important.

So this year, as well as toys for our kiddies, I have decided to add a personal touch and make each one a handmade present, that they can hopefully keep in years to come. I would like each one to be slightly different and personal to each one. I know I already have a lot to do, but I was hoping they wouldn’t take long, and once I figured out the general design, they were pretty quick to make.

After lots of searching online for ideas, I decided to print off a short message to put inside a picture frame. A short message would be best, easy to read, but hopefully something positive, and I would love the picture to be a little keepsake for each of them.

So I gave it a go, and please bear in mind I am not very artistic, here’s how I made them:

First of all, you will need the following:

I went to my local store “The Range” as they had all the items I needed in the same place. If you have a hobby craft store or similar, I would imagine they would also have the same type of thing there too.

I found a box picture frame about the size I was looking for. They had smaller and larger frames too if you wanted, but I thought the small one was a bit too small for what I was after. Then I took the frame with me as I went for some paper to use as the background, so that I could measure it up alongside the frame to ensure it was not too small. I came across some fab little pads with different designs and colours on each page, and as it happened the paper was an exact fit, which is good for me as I am rubbish at cutting straight! The whole pad was only £1 and I found one pad with pink paper and blue paper in, which was perfect! Cheaper than buying individual pieces, and after finishing I still have lots left either for a different project or maybe the kids can make something.

Then I picked up a bag of mixed scrabble letters and some glue. I wasn’t sure what to choose as decoration so I got a bag of mixed sized pompoms and a bag of various buttons. I decided I would figure that bit out as I went along!

The bit that took the longest was finding the right quotes online! I searched and searched, printed some off then changed my mind… this bit was a touch frustrating after a while, but I got there eventually and chose these beauties:


As you can see they are just very simple reminders for my darlings they can hopefully keep for years to come.

Building the picture frames:

  1. Choose your picture, and decide which backing paper you like it with.
  2. Arrange your picture and scrabble letters on the paper, I had a few goes to find the positioning I liked the best. I had a bit more complicated design in mind, but when I tried it was the simple look that worked the best for me.
  3. WP_20171128_11_37_47_Pro
  4. Next glue the backing paper down onto the cardboard back of the picture frame, and then carefully stick down your name and picture in your preferred arrangement.
  5. The craft glue doesn’t take long to start setting, but it does give you a few seconds just to wiggle the letters about and line them up straight (ish in my case).
  6. While the glue is drying a little more, choose what colour pompoms you want to use. I only used small ones so as not to take up too much room, but if your frame is bigger go for it!
  7. Turn the glass picture frame face down on the table and arrange your pompoms roughly where you would like them to go – remember they may move around your frame if they are smaller ones, but I didn’t mind that in mine.
  8. WP_20171128_11_37_35_Pro
  9. when the glue is set on the picture and letters, put the frame together to see your finished artwork. I took a few minutes just getting some of the pompoms in the right place until I was happy.
  10. Now it is time to decorate the front of your frame. I used the buttons for this, and arranged them in different places and used different colours for each frame.
  11. Let the glue dry.
  12. your picture frame is complete!

All that is left for me to do now is to pop them in some bubble wrap and then wrap them up for Christmas!

I hope the kids like them as much as I enjoyed making them. I know they aren’t perfect, but fingers crossed it will add to the charm a little.

Thank you for reading xx



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