Happy Holidays 2017

It’s that time of year, when its cold dark and gloomy, Spring seems like a lifetime and a half away and after the excitement of the festive period life just seems dull and boring.

So what do we do ? We start looking at holidays for the Summer… yippee!

We don’t go abroad with the kids, infact I am probably one of the few adults who don’t actually own a passport! I have only ever been abroad twice in my life, which were two school excersions to France when I was in my teens.

We did once look into how much it would cost to have a nice family holiday somewhere we could guarantee the sunshine a bit more, But with the flights, passports, new wardrobes, it just proved to be too expensive for us.

Instead we stick to this lovely country, venturing out slightly to visit Bonnie Scotland, as this has become one of our favourite places to go. We began doing the caravan holidays in England, with beaches nearby, swimming pools and nightclubs etc. The kids loved it and we all enjoyed ourselves so much, But the days and evenings were very busy, on the go all the time, going places, entertaining the kids, then getting them all showered each night and ready for the disco. Don’t misunderstand, it was how the holidays went, and it was all good, but there was definitely no chill time.

A couple of years ago we decided to do a different type of holiday. We went up to Aviemore on the edge of the Cairngorms and stayed in a log cabin. There weren’t any beaches, swimming pools or night clubs. But we turned our holidays into fantastic outdoor activity holidays and it changed our whole outlook on holidays. We went walking through the forest, and saw so many wild red deer; we left peanuts on tree stumps and came back the next morning to see if red squirrels had eaten them; we went looking for pine martins and Scottish wildcats( we didn’t see any but that was part of the adventure); and we went out at dusk following animal paths through the undergrowth looking for badgers and their sets. Later in the evening when we came back to the cabin, we lit the log burner and completely relaxed! It was our perfect holiday! We found a lake where we paid a few pounds to go fishing, and caught a trout for our tea!

What we found that we hadn’t experienced in the caravan parks was just a completely different pace, a relaxing layed back time, and most importantly the children were free. They could climb trees, jump in the mud, use their imaginations and have adventures. They loved it as much as we did. Bliss!

So we have had three log cabin holidays now and all been very different. The second was in Dumfries and Galloway, and we had a little beach here to play on, as well as fishing. The most exciting part for all of us was at about 8 o clock every night, if we put some food scraps outside our patio doors and waited, a beautiful family of badgers came and would eat right infront of us! They were wild, and if we went outside ( which we tried) they ran away, coming back when the coast was clear again.

Last year we went in a cabin next to Loch Awe on the East of Scotland. We were virtually in the middle of nowhere. An hour away from the nearest town, and yes I was a bit nervous about this at first, but after a day or so it turned out to be amazing! Just the peace and tranquillity. This was great for walking again although we only saw one deer. This however was a fantastic place for birds, and we used to see Osprey flying around the Loch regularly, buzzards were everywhere, and one day on a trip through the mountains to Oban, we saw two Golden Eagles soaring high in the clear blue sky. An image I will never forget!

This year we are going to book a cabin again for a week, but we are going to also book a caravan holiday for the kids. We just think it will be nice to get them back in the pool, and although they always say they want to go on a log cabin holiday , we think they will love the disco and arcades and beaches!

So the hunt is on. Hopefully if we can find a cheap log cabin somewhere we will be able to spoil the children on the caravan park!

In the meantime, here are a few pics of our holidays last year (2017). One of our Scottish adventure, and the other getaway was a little attempt at camping, our first try as a friend gave us a tent! (please excuse me if there aren’t a lot as I don’t put close ups of my children on the web)

A few camping in the Lake District, messing about and driving a boat for the first time!


Now a few from Loch Awe, Scotland


Now I’m looking forward to this year’s memory making.



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