About Us

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I am Annmarie , I am 39 and I am a full time mummy in a lovely Lancashire village. I live here with my fiancé, our 6 children. We have four girls and two boys. The girls are Fairy who is 19, Jessie is 10, Dolly is 9, and Rainbow is 7. The boys are Woody who is 5 and Little L at 20 months. Fairy moved in with her OH and flew the nest recently. They are all very different in character but tend to get along most of the time! We like to be outdoors, walking our dogs, and we have a small plot of land with a few animals. Next year we are hoping to grow some fruit trees and veg, although we aren’t very green fingered! I am a bit of a wildlife geek, and get stupidly excited about seeing a buzzard , sparrowhawk, deer or something!

I blog about our life from a mum’s eye view, ranging from everyday silly things that happen (and there’s lots!), to family life as a big family and its pros and cons along the way. I also post about keeping the children busy without spending the earth, and share our learning activities that you too can do at home with your little or bigger ones, all cheap, or better still, free to do! I will also write about anything and everything from mummy time(what’s that!) to recipes and bargain shopping.

I hope you enjoy following our journey, please feel free to get a brew and have a read and leave a comment if you wish.

Thank you for reading.

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